Blue Mood

Why am I in a blue mood, you ask?

It’s because I shopped retail at Zara for this ‘trendy’ shirt and I don’t like it!!

2017-10-02 11.27.37

Yes, of course it was on sale, but for what I paid I could have gotten at least four shirts at the thrift!


2017-10-02 11.25.21


Instead, let’s talk about the part of the outfit I DO like…

2017-10-02 11.26.46

This Missco Hisakazu Takada handbag


was more in my price range.

It was $3.00.

The bandana was an even better purchase.

55 cents at an estate sale.

2017-10-02 11.27.00

I don’t have buyers remorse over either of those purchases.

Have you ever had buyers remorse?


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  1. I think you look cute! Love the shoes and necklace. The whole outfit is well put together- I like that color on you.

    I get buyers remorse too but I like Jodie’s idea. I had a seamstress change up a few things for me and sometimes it works. Sometimes it’s more of a pain in the butt to return things.

  2. I have buyers remorse a lot! Because I’m a shopaholic. So I leave the tags on until I wear them, most of the time I don’t even wear them, I return them. And if I wear it and not crazy about it I put it on Poshmark. This is so crazy, but I love to shop.Ireally never have any luck at thrift stores. I love your blog because I love to see your finds.

  3. Buyers remorse is such a bummer. I’ve had it more than once. I ghink it can happen more often with online purchases.
    How about adding some embroidered trim with little pom-poms to create more length on the blouse and then wearing it open like a little jacket??

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