Carmen Marc Valvo Dress

Today’s designer dress is one that I thought for sure I would wear.


2017-08-24 11.14.44 copy

Hmm…in this photo it doesn’t look half bad but IRL, it’s not so good.


2017-08-24 11.15.12 copy

Notice how I’m using the clutch to conceal my stomach.



This super cute Kate Landry leopard clutch…

2017-08-24 11.18.42

is a $12.00 score from Clothes Mentor in Howland Ohio where I actually met one of my followers (Hi Mary) along with several relatives I had never met before!


The bracelet is also an Ohio score. It’s from GW and it’s Rachel Zoe (NWT) for only $2.50!

Getting back to the dress…

Once again, I think I paid around $7.00 for this.

I found it selling on line for

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 8.57.16 PM

You can buy mine at Trading Labels for $42.00.




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  1. Yeah ~ I have a few items that might look good in a pic but I just don’t “feel it” when I wear them. I do love the detail on this dress, though. (*** I’ll take that Rachel Zoe bracelet when you’re done with it…thanks!)

  2. Spanx??? In my view you are rockin ghis dress Darlene!! I just love the sexy lace up sides and women are embracing curvy selves at last! You look WONDERFUL!!!

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