Designer Dress Week

It’s here…Designer dress week on the blog!



This week I’m showing you designer dresses that I purchased OVER A YEAR AGO in Ohio and never wore.

Why didn’t I ever wear these? Well, it’s because I missed that small window of opportunity where they actually fit me.


First up is this cute little dress. I never heard of the brand but it was made in Italy, so…

2017-08-24 11.47.29 copy

2017-08-24 11.47.39


I love this pattern!


2017-08-24 11.48.06

I’m guessing I paid no more than $7.00 for this.


I took all of the dresses I am featuring this week to my favorite consignment store, Trading Labels.

2017-08-24 11.47.53

This dress already sold…for $35.00! It’s a 50-50 split which means I get $17.50 which means I made a profit of $10.50!

Time to go buy a dress that actually fits me!




Author: style4lessvegas

Fashion and Beauty on a Budget

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