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I was pretty stoked when I came across this brand new with tags ($44.00 @ JCP) pajama top. The price was right, at just $4.24.

2017-09-18 11.06.49

2017-09-18 11.07.58 copy

I had recently been inspired by a YouTube video showing seven different ways to style a pajama top.

I’ll share that video at the end of the post.

What I didn’t realize until after, is that I’m NOT showing you different ways to style a pajama top.


All I’m showing you are different shoes and accessories that kind of, sorta, changed the look from day to night.


Oh well, watch the video to see how it’s done…in the mean time here is how I changed up the look.

#1 is the super casual look

2017-09-18 11.27.47


#2 is the dressy casual look

2017-09-18 11.47.39 copy


#3 is the night out look

2017-09-18 11.07.25

I actually wore look #2 when I took my MIL to her callback for a commercial here in Vegas.

UPDATE : The location fell through on the day my MIL was supposed to shoot, so unfortunately she wasn’t in the commercial. No worries, though…as her agent, (Me) this is just the start of her career. Who knew 91 year olds were in such demand!

To see how to REALLY style a pajama top several different ways, check out this video.

Now go out there and wear your PJ’s!




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