Have you heard of Cabi? I hadn’t heard of it until I moved to Vegas.

Cabi is an EXPENSIVE line of clothing that is sold at home parties.


Recently, a “friend” of mine on FB had asked if anyone knew of a Cabi stylist in her area. Of course I responded to her post with

“Girl, I find Cabi at the thrift store all the time!”

As luck would have it, I never found any Cabi items that actually fit me…

until now.

2017-08-29 10.43.26

This Cabi printed sheer top was a steal…a STEAL, I tell yeah…

for a mere $2.99!!

2017-08-29 10.43.48

2017-08-29 10.47.43 copy

If you go and check out there website, you will see that their tank tops sell for $70.00+!



2017-08-29 10.47.54

I paired this top with what I think is a vintage necklace, that I scored at GW in Ohio for $1.50.

Check out the clasp detail.

2017-08-29 10.45.07

Cool, right?!

Do any of you own any Cabi? Did you thrift it or purchase it at a home party?



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  1. Really cute! I used to sell an in home line called “Weekenders” a long time ago. It was all basics, mix and match and we did in home presentations-just like tupperware!!!

  2. I have a group of friends who do Cabi parties. They buy at each others parties to acrue points and thus “special party hostess prices” I attended many of these parties and bought ONE item each season at the MOST! Then I was invited to attend a Cabi “sample sale”. ( much better prices) Then I discovered that I owned some pre-vintage Cabi items purchased from GW. There’s no question that the designs are cute and well made but in my opinion they’re crazy expensive.
    This top is typical of their fun fabrics and designs. You look great in it Darlene!!

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