The Romper

Remember my recent trip to Savers, where I found what I thought was a really cool robe but instead, it turned out to be a really cool wrap front romper?

I wore it the other day!





2017-09-15 10.10.56

2017-09-15 10.11.33

2017-09-15 10.11.16 copy

Pretty cool, huh!


I also thought it was black…

2017-09-15 10.11.54

but after seeing it in the daylight, I think it’s actually navy blue.


The brand is MacBeth Collection and similar styles sell for around $60 bucks.

Well, your girl, the super shopper extraordinaire scored this beauty for just $4.49!

2017-09-15 10.11.05

By the way, you know how everyone says what a pain wearing a romper is when you have to use the bathroom???



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  1. You look awesome! The last and only time I wore anything one piece was in my 20’s. I wore a jumpsuit to an office party and when I went to the bathroom the top part fell in the toilet. The only thing I could do was stand under the hand dryer and wave it around till it dried. So thankful that bathroom didn’t just have a paper towel dispenser. lol.

  2. You are hilarious Darlene! I love the fact that you just snapped it up without knowing all of it’s fabulous features!!
    You look really great in this little jumpsuit and you accessorized it very nicely including the camisole/lace inset at the neckline.
    Hey! This would be cute under one of those wrap skirts with the open front! You could even do a fun pattern mix!

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