So Much Drama

Are you following my Style for Less Vegas FB page? Well, you should be because I’ve started doing live videos from the thrift store!


If you watched my last haul you will recognize this 7th Avenue New York and Co top that was left discarded at the end of a rack.ย It might not have worked for that other shopper, but it certainly worked for me!

2017-09-08 09.37.08

I can’t believe I WILLINGLY went outside for a photo!



But I HAD to…I mean..look how fab my shirt goes with the flowers in my yard!

2017-09-08 09.37.28



And look how perfect my bracelet (from like 20 years ago) goes with this top.

2017-09-08 09.39.21


Tops similar to this on the New York & Company website sell for around $50.00. Thanks to Savers 50% off sale, I paid just $3.74!


Now, you’re probably wondering, where’s the drama?



It’s right here…in the back!

2017-09-08 09.41.28

As luck would have it, the wind was not blowing…at all.

In order to get this shot, my husband had the bright idea to use a fan!







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Fashion and Beauty on a Budget

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