Second Time Around

Today I’m sharing with you two ways I styled a recent find…

and it’s not black!


No worries, I have plenty of black items waiting to be worn and shared with all of you.


This Chico’s ‘crochet’ top ($7.69) was scored when I was thrifting for someone else! Of course, I let her have first dibs but she knew that I really wanted it.


Actually, I found it a lot harder to style. Probably because it’s not black.

2017-08-03 10.49.36

I thought I liked how I styled it the first time around, but after seeing the photos…



However, I’m digging how I styled it the second time around!

2017-09-06 11.26.19


I like the casual vibe of it with the nude cami and pom-pom tennis shoes.


Which look do you think was more successful?


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16 thoughts

  1. That top is a real FIND! The second styling is FABULOUS! It is young, casual, the tennis shoes are an unexpected twist. It’s wonderful. Bravo 👏🏻!! That said, I also liked the first styling, it appears more formal, what threw me a little bit were the black shoes. With a different shoe, that first pairing has possibilities. Yes, styling color is a challenge, but you are doing it!! Can’t wait to see more. 🙂

    1. The shoes are brown BUT I do own them in black too. LOL Agreed, they are too dark with this outfit. Thanks so much for the positive feedback!!! I have some more ‘color’ coming up. I appreciate you taking the time to comment. It really means as lot to me! 😘

  2. I like the second look the best too. However, until I read your description I wondered what you had on underneath!! LOL

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