Artist’s Smock

When I walked out in this outfit, my husband commented that my top looked like an artist’s smock.

2017-08-20 12.33.15

Hmm… I think he’s right.

Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 10.11.57 PM


2017-08-20 12.33.22


All I know, is that I have been struggling with my weight, and this cute $3.75 butterfly print top hides everything…

2017-08-20 12.31.53


which is a good thing because…

2017-08-20 12.32.04


later in the day, the metal ‘button’ on my pants popped off when I was getting out of the car…


2017-08-20 12.31.07

and no one was the wiser.





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  1. We’ve all had occasion to send a button flying! You look fun, approachable and darling in this top. The positivity of butterflys is always uplifting!

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