Fruits of My Labor

Happy Labor Day!

Thought I would share with you something I ‘labored’ over.

Check out this lariet necklace I made!


2017-08-01 11.02.46 copy

2017-08-01 11.02.07 copy


I thought it paired perfectly with this bag I scored at Savers for $5.59.

2017-08-01 11.01.39


I’m SO matchy-matchy and predictable.



2017-08-01 11.01.15

I’m working to change that.


With another birthday just around the corner, I’m not getting any younger. If I don’t experiment NOW, then when???


Recently, I was introduced to this ย vlogger/blogger, Beth Jones. At first, I was like, she’s quirky and her outfits are kinda costume-y…

NOW, I am totally obsessed with her style!


Here, check B Jones Style out for yourself and let me know if she inspires you, too!



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  1. Love love love B Jones!! Now that’s a creative thrifter. I’m binge watching her videos too!:) SUCH FUN! Let’s see you break out of black/white mode and show us the way ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. How cute was that video?! Matchy, Matchy is ok!!! I like the funky look too but I don’t have the nerve to pull it off. Cute purse and love your necklace! I make jewelry too- sometimes it takes several hours! lol.

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