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I know several ladies here in Sun City that love to shop on QVC. I myself, have purchased clothing from QVC way back in the day.

LOGO by Lori Goldstein is one of their more popular lines. Lori is a stylist and is known for her tops that are layering friendly, which makes them fat friendly too, IMHO.

2017-08-14 17.43.53

As you can tell by the photo above, her clothes are not cheap!


But they are where I purchase them!


2017-07-20 10.57.53


2017-07-20 10.57.49

This LOGO top is SO different than anything I own. With a price point of just $4.19, I decided to give it a try!

I really like that it looks like different colors of paint were poured into a container and then swirled together.

I also like all the details.

From the asymmetrical hem to the side slit…

2017-07-20 10.57.46


to the one front pocket…

2017-07-20 10.58.24


makes me see why people love this clothing line from QVC!

2017-07-20 10.57.43

Are you a QVC shopper? What is your favorite clothing line that they sell?


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  1. I too find QVC a tad expensive for the items I may want….but if you are a thrifter..then you can find them at local thrift stores. I have scored several nice tops from QVC various brands. I don’t mind paying under $5.00 for them. Darlene this top looks so good on you…wonderful score!!!

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