What Is It???

Is it a top???

2017-08-12 12.31.21


Is it a dress???

2017-08-12 12.34.12


2017-08-12 12.34.02


It’s definitely not a dress!


Perhaps it’s something in between???

2017-08-12 12.39.08

2017-08-12 12.38.46 copy



What I do know…

is that for five bucks, it’s one versatile piece of clothing!



What do YOU think it is?

Um…my husband just pointed out to me that the skirt is the same length as the ‘dress’.



On another note, check out this video my friend Makenna made. It’s the ‘Behind the Scenes’ of the Savers Fashion Show/Contest!

By the way, she won second place!



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