I Did It!!

I crossed another item off my bucket list on Thursday, August 10th when I emceed a fashion show at my local Summerlin Savers! The fact that I was one of the models too was quite the juggling act!

First up, a quick look at my outfit, from Savers.

2017-08-10 11.06.21
Loft jacket : $8.99   Loft pants : $10.99   Vintage snakeskin bag : $3.99


2017-08-10 11.27.34

The runway show was actually a contest, with the winner to be announced on National Thrift Shop Day, Thursday, August 17th. The crowd that was present at the show voted for the winner.

There will be three winners chosen.

First : the title of Savers Most Fashionable Thrifter 2017 plus a $100 Savers GC

Second : $50.00 Savers GC

Third : Gift basket provided by Vegas PBS

2017-08-10 14.19.03

This is Ed, the manager at Savers.



Here I am…the first time emceeing an event!


#ThanksEd 🙂


The fashion show/contest had nine participants. Each contestant chose a category from which to show an outfit. They were Business (what I chose), Casual and Glamour.  We each wore a number so people knew who they were voting for.

Following, are photos of all nine contestants. I interviewed each one beforehand so I could share a little tidbit with the audience. They were such interesting people!

Here goes.



It’s me! I had to be #1 because I needed to introduce everyone else. Hahaha




This is CC. I loved her outfit! Mitch’s camera wasn’t working until contestant #3 came along so I don’t have one with her jacket on. I found out that she is a performer (singer) here in Vegas and recently performed in Sun City! She is also a hairdresser and Pastor. BTW : All her dresses that she performs in…come from Savers.




This is CC’s 85 year old mother! She was the oldest contestant walking the runway. She did FAB and that gown of hers was only $14.99!



#4 flowy


You all remember my new friend and Youtuber, Makenna, right? This is what we found for her to wear when we went thrifting…for four hours!


All that glamour…for only $19.99!




#5 bow

#5 back

#5 front

Remember my friend, Dee? We are in the Theatre group together here in Sun City. The crowd LOVED her! That top she has on? It’s from Melissa McCarthy’s clothing line. It is still selling online. Original price was $89.95. Savers price…$10.99.




I was AMAZED to learn that she put together this entire outfit… in just TWENTY MINUTES!! How fab is that Talbot’s jacket?!!




Amanda is a fashion blogger too and stole the show with the Ferragamo belt she found here at Savers for only $3.99!! After the show, a young man came up to me and asked if he could buy it!





She definitely has her own style and was working that runway! I want that graphic tee and those shoes! Fun fact about her : She was one of the Artistic Directors for The Grateful Dead!!!





It’s James Bond!


But he IS contestant #8’s husband! He looked very dashing in his ‘tux’ that he put together for under $30.00!

I have now successfully completed (and had SO much fun) emceeing an event and can cross it off my bucket list!

Now we wait, until August 17th to see who wins the title of :

Savers Most Fashionable Thrifter 2017!

Who do you think deserves the title? I’ve got my money on Number 2.

Let me know in the comments below who are YOUR top three vote getters!


Author: style4lessvegas

Fashion and Beauty on a Budget

13 thoughts

  1. Loved the show! All the ladies and gentleman did a great job – enthusiastic, elegant, funny and having a good time! Loved seeing the younger generation – my niece back on the East Coast is a thrifter and would have loved this! It was difficult to select my favorite! Darlene was her usual great self – filled with sass and confidence!!! Great job – fun time!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The fashion show looked like so much fun!! You did a fabulous job! Love the variety of these outfits. People don’t realize the gems found in thrift stores. Thank you for sharing.


    Liked by 1 person

  3. EVERYONE who walked the runway was so impressive!! It was extremely hard to choose a favorite. Afterwards, being completely inspired I hit the racks. Spent $45 and these were the labels I found!! Lucky Brand, Miss Me, Zara, Zena Outfitters, Abercrombie & Fitch, & 2 (NEW WITH TAGS) tops from Mudd. Yes, Darlene you are a natural with a microphone & spreading the good news about buying second hand & looking marvelous. Well done !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It means so much to me that you came out and supported this event! You have great style and I can’t wait to see you wearing your new treasures. You found some GREAT brands…as usual! Next time, come walk the runway with us!


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