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Who would have thought that just two years into our new life here in Sun City, that we would be on the cover of a magazine and be the featured article!

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I’ve managed to meet/make connections/become friends with quite a few people over that short time span. One of them happens to be Larry Jones, the content coordinator of Living in the Sun Magazine, a local publication here in Sun City. He is also a well respected realtor AND a fabulous cook!

When my husband and I first met him, the first thing I told him is how he reminded me of my brother Derrick (who passed away in 2006 at age 52) in looks AND personality. Over the course of these past two years, we have run into Larry and his lovely wife, Wendy at various functions. In June, he sent me and email, saying that he wanted to feature us in the magazine. He thought we were an interesting couple.


He had no idea what he was in for! Being a blogger, I am kinda, sorta, super picky about having control over my photos. Larry happens to be a professional photographer too, but that didn’t stop me from telling him what to do.


From the poses, to the fact that he chose to take photos outside…


My hair!!


I made suggestions (whined) the whole time but Larry took it in stride and the end results were fabulous!

I LOVE this picture!


Here are a couple of shots that didn’t make the magazine.





BTW : I’m working on crossing yet another item off my bucket list…this week!



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  1. This is very impressive Darlene. The shots of you and you husband are really flattering and you represent an aspect of lifestyle in Las Vegas that we need to see. Your community involvement and promotion of more typical lifestyles (unrelated to casinos and shows) are praiseworthy!

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