The other day I came across an article in Glamour magazine saying that “Everybody Loves Stripes”.


Fifteen years ago, I couldn’t stand stripes! I associated them with old people because that was/still is my MIL’s favorite thing to wear. She was 76 at the time and super fashionable, but still…

Fast forward to present day…and I’m obsessed with them!

Case in point :

2017-07-19 11.58.30

2017-07-19 11.57.39

What do you think?

I was going to wear this Worthington dress (that I scored for $2.00…yeah, you read that right) for a Happy Hour with some friends.

But then I took a closer look…

2017-07-19 11.57.47


…even tried changing up the jewelry…

2017-07-19 11.49.37

…and decided that this particular striped dress just wasn’t the right one for me.


I’m still obsessed with stripes, though.





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10 thoughts

  1. I think you look beautiful! Do you suppose what you don’t like about it is the pattern might be too large? I’m not tiny by any means but around 5’5, curvy (read big butt and hips) and my stylist friend won’t let me wear large patterns. She says its about geometry and you have to be really,really tall to wear big patterns because they tend to swallow you up and be overwhelming. On me I see what she means. I still gravitate toward them and she not so gently steers me away. Ha!

  2. Whaaaat??? Why don’t you like it?

    I actually think this style is super flattering. I wear it all the time to “hide” my Buddha belly.

    Plus I LOVE the print on you.

    Prints this bold hide everything.
    You could walk around with a 25 lb turkey hidden under there and no one would be the wiser.

    Just sayin’ ; )


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