My Leopard Game is Strong

For a recent Sunday brunch, I finally got around to wearing this FAB leopard print top

2017-07-09 10.59.17
Kohl’s Brand top …$5.49

2017-07-09 10.59.29

I paired it with some Levi’s that I thrifted when I was living in Albuquerque, NM and blogging for Thrift Town thrift store.


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It was a sweet gig because they paid for the clothes I picked out and also paid me to blog about them. I would still be doing it, but they don’t have any thrift stores here in Vegas.



Back to my top…

2017-07-09 11.00.132017-07-09 11.00.29

My sister likes to call tops with an elastic waistband ‘fat friendly’…


2017-07-09 10.59.46

and she would be correct!




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  1. I wouldn’t call it “fat friendly”….I think it’s extremely flattering on all of us!! I have a couple of shirts with this waistband, and it’s nice because I don’t have to worry about whether to tuck it in, or where it hangs!!
    You look fab!!

  2. Wow, what a steal! I admire how you find deals, and I love leopard! I stay away from banded tops because it seems to exaggerate my fuller breasts, but the ruching on your top would tend to give it the waist shape that most banded tops don’t. That’s what I love about ruching: it creates the illusion of shape whether it’s already there or not!

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