Pom-pom’s are still a ‘thing’, right???

2017-07-05 12.29.07
Steve Madden pom-pom sandals

If it’s not, I’m bringing it back.


If you haven’t already noticed in the majority of my posts, black is my preferred color of footwear. That whole ‘pop of color’ with the shoes…that’s not really my thing.

I decided to go out of my comfort zone when I came across these sandals on a recent shoe shopping trip.


Between them being on clearance and then scoring an additional military discount on top, these $50+ shoes cost me UNDER $18.00.


I wanted them to be the star of the outfit but in a subtle way, if that makes sense.

2017-07-05 12.29.27

I thought this simple pairing of jeans and a white blouse did the trick.


Can we talk about the blouse?

2017-07-05 12.28.55

2017-07-05 12.28.27

This lightweight A.N.A. (JCP) white blouse was a FAB deal.

How good of a deal was it you ask?

A buck seventy.

Yeah, under $2.00…and it was new…with the $16.00 price tag still on it.


2017-07-05 12.28.18

I’m definitely going to get my money’s worth out of this one!


2017-07-05 12.27.51
INC Holographic Mini Bag : gift


Question of the day : What trend are you loving for Summer 2017?


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Fashion and Beauty on a Budget

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