Sheer Palazzo Pants

“I’m not really crazy about those pants. I can see right through them.” said that husband of mine. I’m like…there are shorts attached underneath, all you can see are my legs.


Look honey, the shorts come down to here

2017-06-29 10.23.35


I’m a fan of palazzo pants.

I’m an even bigger fan when they only cost $2.50.

2017-06-29 10.18.40
Stella Laguna Beach Palazzo Pants

2017-06-29 10.19.08

I think these are the coolest pants ever…and the fact that they are the perfect length for my 5’3″ body is unbelievable!

You know what else is unbelievable?

The fact that this Chico’s Travelers top was brand new with the tag and I scored it for FIVE BUCKS!

2017-06-29 10.18.23
Calvin Kein mini clutch $13.99 @Uptown Cheapskate

2017-06-29 10.17.54


Can we take a moment and talk about this #BeyondFab necklace?!

2017-06-29 10.22.58

I went to a “craft” show at a local casino and came across a table full of the most beautiful jewelry.

Recycled Chic (Henderson, NV) is “One-of-a-kind statement jewelry” that is made from…you guessed it…recycled materials!

I loved everything she had but finally settled on this one. She was asking $45.00 for it, but I politely asked if she would take $40.00 and she did. It was well worth every penny.


2017-06-29 10.22.35

I think it really completes the look.

Oh, getting back to the pants…

after seeing them on me and photographing them, my husband all of a sudden changed his mind.




Question of the day : Has your husband ever changed his mind about an article of clothing, once he has seen it on you?


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